About Intelligent Clinical

Intelligent Clinical is a clinical research facility based in Glasgow. With the help of people like you we carry out clinical trials in a wide range of health, disease, well-being, and diet related conditions.

What we do

We recruit for and manage the clinical trial on behalf of a sponsor.

UK research regulations require sponsors to carry out clinical trials to allow them to bring new medicines, treatments, devices and supplements into use by health care providers like your GP.

The part we play is to facilitate trials for our local community and to support each study participant throughout the clinical research process.

Areas we work in

We conduct trials for many industries and therapeutic areas such as:

  • Prescription medicines and treatments

  • Non-prescription (Over the Counter) medicines and treatments

  • Nutraceutical products e.g. a natural product with a health function

  • Medical Device products e.g. diabetic glucose monitor

  • Food products e.g. probiotic drink

Compensation for Taking Part

When participants take part in a clinical trial, they are normally compensated for their inconvenience and travel expenses.

The amount paid varies per trial and is agreed by the sponsor and the independent ethics committee who review every aspect of the clinical trial.  The amount you might receive will be outlined at the time we advertise for each clinical trial. This amount will also be fully outlined in the information sheet you receive before you agree to take part.

How you can get involved

For more information on what it means to take part in a clinical trial visit our ‘taking part’ page or browse our ‘FAQs’.

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